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Brian Rogers Promoted

Brian Rogers has been promoted from Class AAA Indianapolis. I really don't want B.P. Chacon in the starting rotation. He's the team's new Ryan Vogelsong, and he'd been perfectly acceptable in the Vogelsong White Flag role. Putting him in the Vogelsong starter role is just begging for trouble. I'd have preferred to see John Van Benschoten as the team's fifth starter.

That said, it'll be nice to get another look at Rogers. However, we shouldn't expect much. He's pitched well in the upper minors, but with his subpar stuff, he may never get better than he already is. Personally, I'm thinking, "At least he's not Marty McLeary," but just a few weeks ago, I was thinking, "At least McLeary's not John Wasdin." Hopefully, the Crappy Reliever Train will stop here.