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Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati, 25 May 2007


Paul Maholm (2-6, 5.82) vs. Aaron Harang (5-2, 4.78).

The Reds have been awful this year, and they're floundering now; they've lost three in a row and 16 of their last 20. Harang, their ace, has struggled somewhat, allowing five runs in six of his ten starts despite strong peripherals. Now, though, the Reds are facing a team that's almost as cold as they are, has a terrible offense, and is sending a very bad pitcher to the hill.

I guess what I'm saying is that one of these teams is going to win this game, and this series.

Here's the box. Ryan Doumit catches. Chris Duffy bats second; fortunately, Norris Hopper bats second for the Reds, so it's a wash.

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