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San Diego vs. Pittsburgh, 29 May 2007

7:05 PM


David Wells (2-2, 4.85) vs. Tom Gorzelanny (5-3, 2.51). This is Wells' 21st season in the big leagues. He recently turned 44. He's played with eight big-league teams - eleven if you count his second stints with the Blue Jays, Yankees and Padres. That his decline phase has been about as slow as... well, David Wells running a half marathon might be surprising given his physique, conditioning and mercurial behavior, but not so much when you consider that unimpressive stuff and a control-and-command approach have both worked pretty well for Greg Maddux and Jamie Moyer as they've grown older.

About two weeks ago, it had looked like Wells was finally finished - he had a 6.32 ERA after getting pasted by the Braves on May 10. Since then, though, he's had two strong starts, against the Cubs and Reds. Of course, over the past couple weeks, anybody could look good while playing two NL Central teams in PETCO Park.

I'll try to watch this one, but may black me out since I'm in San Diego. We'll see.

Here's the box. It's a pretty standard lineup for the Bucs. Brian Giles is injured for the Padres, so Jose Cruz Jr. starts for him in right field.