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Link Roundup, 5/9/07: Pirates Beat Cubs

-P- In case you missed it - and I had a concert, so I did - the Pirates beat the Cubs in a crazy 15-inning game that featured 14 pitchers, five intentional walks, 120 plate appearances, eight great innings by the Pirates' bullpen, four errors, and Zach Duke pinch-hitting. Pat has a pretty good write-up.

-P- I could do without all the "back in my day" blather about Matt Capps' suspension. I do have to respond to this, though, even though I know Gene "Lou" Collier's column's aren't meant to be taken too seriously:

(Capps' suspension, for the record, is ludicrous. Would baseball suspend a starting pitcher for 20 games for the same transgression? That's the impact of a four-game suspension on a top reliever.)

Uh, no, it's not. A starter might throw 25 innings in 20 days. A reliever, even one like Capps who's seemingly in every game, might throw five innings in four. Maybe. This line of thinking might explain the Pirates' bizarre infatuation with relief pitching, though.

-P- Via Ian, Vernon Wells is pretty funny. This is actually pretty similar to something Craig Wilson did in 2004 (scroll down) when he was with the Bucs. When a heckler started calling Wilson "Joe Dirt" (Wilson had his long, stringy hair then), Wilson caught a ball to end the inning, then signed it "Joe Dirt" and tossed it in the direction of the heckler.