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Pittsburgh vs. Chicago Cubs, 9 May 2007


Tom Gorzelanny (4-1, 2.97) vs. Jason Marquis (4-1, 2.09). As Sisyphus would probably happily point out, Marquis still isn't a good pitcher, as his 19:13 K:BB indicates. He is doing an excellent job keeping the ball on the ground, but that won't be nearly enough to maintain anything like a 2.09 ERA. Of course, having four of his first seven starts against the Pirates and the struggling Cardinals does help keep the ERA low.

It's totally irrelevant to this particular game, but... when I post game threads I often go to the official site to find out when the game is and when it will be on TV. One of the features up there now is a video interview with minor league director Brian Graham. I thought it was funny, because Graham seems pretty drunk on power:

"We have great managers and coaches and instructors, but the ability to be here myself and speak to them is a huge advantage, and it's extremely beneficial...

"I'm sure when I come in they hope to perform well in front of me, because ultimately, I make the decisions... they believe that I'm the decision-maker."

Anyway, here's the box. Ryan Doumit catches and hits cleanup. Adam LaRoche, his batting average up to a stratospheric .168, bats sixth. And Don Kelly, making the second start of his career, plays shortstop and bats eighth. Ugh. I wish the Bucs would just call up Brian Bixler to take these at-bats and send Kelly back to Altoona or Lynchburg or wherever it is he belongs. Mr. Graham, can you please use your awesome power to make that happen?