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Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Pittsburgh, 2 June 2007

This thread is for SATURDAY's game. I'll be at a wedding in Chicago; I may get to post between now and then, but I may not.

7:05 PM

Hong-Chih Kuo (0-0, 15.43) vs. Ian Snell (4-4, 3.14). If I were named the Pirates' general manager, then sometime in my first couple of weeks, I'd call the Dodgers to see what it would take to get Hong-Chih Kuo from them. They obviously don't have much time to give him a chance, but he's pretty young, he throws a million miles an hour, and his minor league record is tantalizing. Skimpy, but tantalizing. Oh, and he struck out 71 batters in 59.7 big league innings last year. Anyway, he's replacing Brett Tomko in the rotation, at least until he gets injured again.