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Pittsburgh vs. New York Yankees, 10 June 2007


Shawn Chacon (2-0, 3.26) vs. Tyler Clippard (3-1, 3.60). This should be interesting. Clippard is a very young starter and a control guy. He spent last season in Class AA and could probably use more time in the minors, but the Yankees' need for starting pitcher have caused them to forgo that luxury.

Salomon Torres' injury problems sound serious. I hate to say it, but this is one reason a team in the Pirates' position shouldn't be signing relievers to long-term contracts. Relievers are inconsistent and injury-prone. Torres' deal, which he signed in the '05-'06 offseason, covers only 2007 and 2008 (with a club option for 2009). Now there's a reasonable chance that the Pirates may only get from it a mediocre couple months of work, plus whatever they get when he returns, which could take quite a while.