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Texas vs. Pittsburgh, 12 June 2007


Kevin Millwood (2-5, 7.57) vs. Zach Duke (2-6, 5.75).

If you're wondering what Millwood's doing with a 7.57 ERA, he was decent for his first three starts in April before serving two DL stints for hamstring trouble. He's been pelted in every start he's had since April 13, so unless something's changed since his last one, he should be vulnerable on Tuesday, even against the Pirates' offense.

A few links:

-P- In the absence of Salomon Torres, Matt Capps and others, the Pirates will probably promote former Brewers closer Dan Kolb. Kolb was not a great pitcher in his best days and he's even worse now - nine walks and sixteen strikeouts at Indianapolis will likely translate to a very bad ERA in the majors. When do we get to see Jesse Chavez? He's about the only interesting arm left down there. From the same story, by the way, it appears that Torres' injury isn't as bad as it might have been. My guess is he'll still miss a substantial amount of time.

-P- Irate Fans is back, and not a day too soon.

-P- Speaking of which, there are rumblings of a protest on June 30. I won't be in town then, but I hope whomever is does a good job putting it together; if it appears to be on the level, I'll give it as much publicity as I can. There were two mentions of it in Dejan Kovacevic's chat today, so the Pittsburgh media is already aware of it.

-P- While Matt Capps is serving his suspension, the closer may well be Jonah Bayliss, owner of a 7.16 ERA. Think about that for a second. This bullpen is so messed up.

-P- The Pirates have signed seven of their draftees. Ninth round pick Anthony Watson may be the most interesting of the bunch - WTM reports that Baseball America thought Watson would go earlier than the ninth round.

-P- Updates will be a little more sporadic the next few days, but I'm hoping the diaries will stay active so there will still be new stuff while I'll have less internet time than usual. I'll be on tour with my band FOX Japan. We've got a brand-new record out. If you're curious, we've got a bunch of shows in the area: we'll be at Belvedere's in Pittsburgh on Monday the 18th, 123 Pleasant St. in Morgantown on Friday the 15th, the Lion's Den in Altoona on Sunday the 17th, and Yesterday's in Wheeling on Tuesday the 19th. If anyone has any questions about any of the venues, email me.