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What I've Missed

-P- Ian Snell will miss his next start because of a blister he apparently got while cooking. Blisters can be serious problems for pitchers, but this doesn't sound like any big deal. Since the Pirates have today off anyway, the rest of the rotation can cover for Snell until he starts again on Saturday.

-P- I didn't see John Van Benschoten's start this weekend, but apparently it went rather well, despite the Pirates' loss. Can anyone who watched the game comment on how he looked?

-P- I didn't watch the game yesterday, but I did watch the end of the game on Friday, and Matt Capps is making me nervous. He's still throwing hard, but he just looks like he's setting himself up for failure recently by giving the other team chances to win. Lately I watch him in about the same way I watched Jose Mesa - from between my fingers.

-P- Updates should be more regular now. Again, I'll be in Pittsburgh tomorrow (UPDATE: Oops, I meant tomorrow as in today - Monday night) playing at Belvedere's in Lawrenceville at around 10 PM, so send me an email if you plan on stopping by.