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Pittsburgh at Anaheim, 22 June 2007

10:05 PM


Zach Duke (3-6, 5.68) vs. Joe Saunders  (3-0, 2.22).

Saunders was recently promoted from the minors to take the place of Jered Weaver, who will miss this start due to injury. Man, I could probably go to this game if I were in California right now... anyway, sorry for not posting a game thread yesterday. I was driving to Harrisburg for a gig that didn't end up even happening. Some news:

-P- The Pirates have signed second round pick Duke Welker.

-P- The Bucs have been shut out in consecutive games by Jeff Weaver and Felix Hernandez. Hernandez you can sort of understand, but Weaver? Wow.

-P- Well, that was quick - the Pirates designated Dan Kolb for assignment, replacing him on the roster with Brad Eldred. I'm no fan of Kolb, but this seems like a pretty pointless move - Eldred didn't help before and he wasn't exactly tearing up the minors, so he's unlikely to help now. Also, from the same article, Salomon Torres has hit a snag in his bid to return from injury. I can't say I'm shocked there.