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Cubs (Maybe?) Deal Jacque Jones

The Cubs have dealt Jacque Jones to our hosts the Marlins, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports. The Cubs will also send cash and a PTBNL to the Marlins, who will send the Cubs a minor leaguer. This is probably just a salary dump for the Cubs, who still owe Jones about $7 million. Jones has been horrible this year, hitting .234/.295/.328, but he hit 27 homers last year. He can at least pretend to play center field, though, which means he can help the Marlins, who've had a big hole there the past couple of years - Jones has been only a bit better than the Marlins' primary centerfielders, Alfredo Amezaga and Reggie Abercrombie, but he's a good bet to be an upgrade on both going forward.

Hat tip to the Cub Reporter.

UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal says the deal may not be done.

UPDATE: CBS reports that the deal now looks unlikely.