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Washington vs. Pittsburgh, 30 June 2007: Pirates Fans Protest!


Jason Bergmann (1-4, 2.72) vs. Tom Gorzelanny (7-4, 3.10).

The protest begins at 5:00 PM on Federal Street. I'm in California, unfortunately, but I'll be in the comments for this one, or at least for most of it. If anyone has pictures from the protest, please make a diary and post them here.

Here's the box.

A couple notes:

-P- UPDATE: Thanks to Thunder, who points out that the Pirates' press pass reports that Marty McLeary has been designated for assignment - my guess is that no one will claim him and he'll wind up back at Indianapolis - and Matt Kata has been added to the 25-man roster. Some of you may not have even realized that Kata was with the organization, but he joined the Indianapolis roster early this month after the Rangers cut him, and hit decently. He's played everywhere in the field except center field and catcher and maybe hits a little bit more than Don Kelly, but he's still a very marginal player.

-P- Zach Duke will miss his next start with elbow tendinitis. A replacement hasn't been announced.

-P- Jason Kendall actually hit a homer today.

-P- Speaking of A's, the Athletics traded DFA'ed former outfielder Milton Bradley and cash to the Padres for reliever Andrew Brown, who the Pads had previously acquired from the Indians in the Josh Barfield trade. Brown had been having a good season at Class AAA Portland and he's got a blazing fastball, so that's a pretty good return for the A's on a player they were going to dump anyway, but it's an even better deal for the Pads if Bradley is even close to being healthy and well-behaved.

-P- Chris Duffy is on the DL with a bad ankle sprain (this article only reports that he's likely to go, but according to the Trib, he's already there). As much as Duffy stinks and as much as he deserves the dumping he gets here and elsewhere on the internet, I shudder to think of what Nate McLouth and Rajai Davis will do in his place.

-P- Bob Nutting, in an attempt to defuse anger before the protest, released a statement in which he claimed that losing upsets him, too:

"I appreciate the passion of all our fans and their frustrations with the team's performance," Nutting said. "Frankly, we all share in this frustration. Everyone throughout the organization understands the expectation and need to perform."
Well, then, why is the payroll so impossibly low? Why hasn't Dave Littlefield been fired after six years of failure?

-P- My article about the protest has been reposted at Irate Fans.


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