Team Promotions

I was bored, so I did a quick count of the number of home games teams have some sort of promotion scheduled this year. I just used's schedules. These count all kinds of promotions, whether it's bobbleheads or fireworks or just theme nights or dollar hot dog nights. Whatever they are.

One problem is that not all team sites have a separate promotional schedule, so I had to go off the normal schedule and count games with the "promotion" asterisk. Games that are rained out don't appear to keep their asterisk. So these may not be exactly accurate, but they certainly signify a trend.

The numbers in parantheses are the number of additional games the team had promotions for in the preseason. I can't say that I'm particularly surprised by who came out on top (although I'm surprised and skeptical about the last team. Well, not who the team is, but the number I counted.)

Pirates 79
Braves 77
Marlins 72
Mariners 71
Astros 70
Rangers 69
Royals 66
White Sox 65
Blue Jays 62
Angels 59
Indians 59
Padres 59
Reds 59
Twins 59
Cubs 57
Orioles 54
Devil Rays 53 (1)
Dodgers 47 (2)
Yankees 46
Giants 45
Tigers 44
Diamondbacks 43
Phillies 42 (1)
Mets 41
Brewers 40
Rockies 40
Athletics 37
Cardinals 37
Nationals 31 (15)
Red Sox 0

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