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Pittsburgh vs. Atlanta, 14 July 2007


Tom Gorzelanny (9-4, 3.10) vs. Chuck James (8-7, 3.96). What a mess of a game last night. Those who hope the Pirates might have some prayer of contending this year need Gorzelanny to get things back on track. Of course, it's rare to encounter anyone who thinks the Pirates have some prayer of contending, or at least it's rare here on the internet.

Here's the box. Jarrod Saltalamacchia starts at first for the Braves; why he isn't starting every day, with Scott Thorman hitting .215, is beyond me. I'll probably be in the comments for part of this one.

-P- Only one note for today: from the Post-Gazette notebook, Ryan Doumit won't play tonight, Jamie Romak hit two homers for Lynchburg yesterday, and the Pirates signed third-round pick Brian Friday. Friday's a shortstop from Rice who WTM compares to Brian Bixler. Friday will probably go to State College.