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Colorado vs. Pittsburgh, 17 July 2007

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Josh Fogg (4-6, 5.36) vs. Shane Youman (2-0, 3.00). Josh Fogg! He's the same Josh Fogg he's ever been - somehow, he has allowed three homers at home and nine on the road, and his ERA is only slightly higher at home than it is on the road. He has also allowed seven earned runs, so his ERA is even a little worse than it looks. I'll be watching this one, but mostly because I want to see more dugout shouting matches. Here's the box; Todd Helton sits for the Rockies. I'll be in the comments.

Notes for today (UPDATE: I put a couple of new ones at the top):

-P- Oh wow is this depressing. But spot-on. Seriously, watch it.

-P- The Post-Gazette article on Daniel Moskos that Byranzane linked earlier has been updated. Apparently, Moskos will be used in relief right away. Based on what I saw when I watched Moskos pitch as a starter, that's probably what I'd do with him too. Then again, though, I wouldn't have drafted Moskos in the first place. The article also reports that the Pirates seem to be uncertain as to whether John Van Benschoten will get another rotation turn.

-P- The Trib reports that Chris Duffy is at least a couple weeks away from returning.

-P- Remember when I wrote about what an awesome guy Marlins pitcher Scott Olsen is? Well, now the Marlins have suspended him for two games for insubordination.

-P- Ben Sheets has hit the DL with finger problems. He could be out a couple weeks or as much as six. Obviously, that's a big setback for the Brewers.