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Ian Snell Accuses Rockies of Stealing Signs

From the wire:

"I heard something from another player that somebody was giving signals, so hopefully I won't pitch in Colorado because I know who it is and I will get them," Snell said. "It just doesn't make any sense to give signals. It's all right, I'll get them next time.

"I'll just wait until next time and see if I pitch against them, if not, I'll let the guy know it's a crock of you-know-what."

Pittsburgh plays a four-game series in Colorado from August 20-23.

Ronny Paulino was catching today, and he calls his own games - he doesn't get signs for pitches from the dugout. So if a Rockie was stealing signs from him, it'd have to be a runner at second. Only two runners were at second at any point while Snell was pitching today - Troy Tulowitzki and Kaz Matsui. Both scored, Tulowitzki on a single by Jeff Francis and Matsui on a homer by Todd Helton.

Thanks to Bucdaddy for catching this.