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Milwaukee vs. Pittsburgh, 2 July 2007

7:05, FSNP, WPGB

Jeff Suppan (8-7, 4.88) vs.John Van Benschoten (0-2, 4.30).

...And back come the Brewers, the Gallant to our Goofus, the Dr. Jekyll to our Mr. Hyde, the sugary Oreo filling to our rancid brown cookie. The small-market NL Central team that's actually good. The Brewers are even further from .500 than we are, except it's in the opposite direction. Since being no-hit by Justin Verlander on June 12, they're 13-4 and have scored at least five runs in 14 of those games. I don't love our chances here.

Here's the box. Tony Graffanino starts in place of Rickie Weeks for the Brew Crew; for the Bucs, Jason Bay bats sixth and Ryan Doumit catches. Nate McLouth bats leadoff again, because hey, it's great to start with a guy who never gets on base at all, as long as he's fast.

Only one link today, but it's a good one: Zach Duke has no ligament damage. He'll sit for a couple weeks, then do some rehab; hopefully when he returns, he'll be something like the Zach Duke of old.