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Houston vs. Pittsburgh, 20 July 2007

7:05 PM, WPGB

Roy Oswalt (8-6, 3.90) vs. Tom Gorzelanny (9-4, 3.24). Cesar Izturis isn't in the lineup; Matt Kata will start at third, for some reason. By the way, this article also reports that John Van Benschoten will miss his next rotation turn.

Here's the box. Xavier Nady sits. I have no idea what the point of starting your lineup with Nate McLouth and Kata is. Anyway, I'll be in the comments. Today's notes:

-P- This story has been buried by the Cesar Izturis acquisition, but it's definitely worth mentioning: Ian Snell says he's sorry for saying he would "kill that dude" who allegedly stole signs from him against the Rockies on Wednesday. Snell will probably be fined, at the very least, for his remarks.

-P- Chris Carpenter is done for the year. What do you do now if you're the Cards? They're pretty much out of the playoff race, and, expanding on something a poster at Primer said the other day, they've got almost $50 million in 2008 alone tied up in Carpenter, Scott Rolen, Jim Edmonds, Juan Encarnacion, Mark Mulder and Adam Kennedy, none of whom are likely to help much. Other than Adam Wainwright and possibly Braden Looper, they have no reliable starters. It's time to blow this team up and rebuild around Albert Pujols and maybe Chris Duncan.