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Houston 2, Pittsburgh 1

The Pirates botched a lot of opportunities in this game - everyone in the lineup except Tom Gorzelanny left at least one man on base - and the blame for this loss goes to the entire offense, which failed three times to drive in hitters who had leadoff doubles, and couldn't manage to score a lousy run in the ninth with the bases loaded and one out. But I will say this. If you start a game with this run of hitters:

  1. Ronny Paulino, .636 OPS
  2. Jack Wilson, .660 OPS
  3. Pitcher
  4. Nate McLouth, .678 OPS
  5. Matt Kata, .400 OPS (in five at bats)
...then you deserve to only score one run, however it happens, because you've only bothered to run four actual hitters out there.

By the way, I'm calling these clowns "The Sub Club" for their sub-.680 OPSes and general sub/scrubbiness. Not this particular group of players, but the array of bad hitters Jim Tracy likes to put at the bottom of the lineup (where they belong, if they're going to start at all) and the top (where they don't belong).