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Van Benschoten: I was "Left Alone" in Minors

From the Pirates' website (!):

...Van Benschoten said that when he looks back on his days in the Minors, he isn't convinced that he received the type of attention he needed.

"Coming up through the system and being the No. 1 pick and no one really stepping up because no one wants to mess you up," said Van Benschoten, who was the team's first-round selection in the 2001 First-Year Player Draft. "They have a big organization and they need to take care of other people, so I think being almost left alone has just come to a head this year with a crash course here."

That's just horrible. What a spineless bunch of coaches the Pirates must have (or have had). What business do the Pirates have denying pitching instruction to a guy who's a converted first baseman? Maybe Van Benschoten is just making excuses here. I sure hope so.