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Link Roundup: Lester Returns, Harang Lasts Ten, Belliard Signs

-P- Jon Lester threw six strong innings and is in line for the win (in progress) tonight against the Indians. This was Lester's first appearance in the big leagues since being diagnosed with lymphoma last year. Congratulations to Lester.

-P- Reds starter Aaron Harang is pitching into the tenth inning as I write this. He has nine strikeouts and no walks against the Brewers. UPDATE: He got through it, striking out another batter on the way. Wow. He's thrown 121 pitches through ten.

-P- Ronnie Belliard has agreed to a two-year, $3.5 million extension with the Nationals. I think Belliard needs to get a new agent. First he only got a minor-league deal for this season despite an insane free-agent marketplace and a fine big-league track record, and he only has a $750,000 base salary this year despite making the major league team. Now he's signing a contract that, given his .305/.352/.429 line this season in a tough park, is way, way below market value. Great deal for the Nationals.

-P- If you're interested in reading about our next opponent, the Mets, check out this article by Dayn Perry. Moises Alou should return from a two-month stint on the DL for this series. Anyway, I should have a longer article about the Mets by tomorrow.