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Trade Deadline Open Thread: 28 July 2007

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Some of the most recent moves:

-P- The Phillies traded for Tadahito Iguchi to replace Chase Utley, who'll be on the DL for a while. They only had to give up Class A reliever Michael Dubee, so this is a nice move for the Phillies - Iguchi is substantially better than Abe Nunez - but they're still going to need more help if they're going to keep up with the Mets and Braves. The White Sox, meanwhile, will replace Iguchi with prospect Danny Richar, 24, who'd been hitting well at Class AAA Charlotte. Richar, who the White Sox acquired in a swap of minor leaguers with the Diamondbacks last month, may be stetched as a big-league regular, but it's worth the White Sox's time to find out if he can cut it.

-P- The always-active Padres received outfielder Scott Hairston in exchange for minor league reliever Leo Rosales. This is a nice little move for San Diego - Rosales, 26, is pretty fringy, and Hairston has always had a good bat but has never had many chances to show it off in the majors. He should be a nice bench player for the Pads. Also, Shea Hillenbrand has agreed to a minor-league deal with the Padres.

I have no news on what the Pirates might be up to. UPDATE: Will Carroll says (sub. req.) that the Mets are interested in Shawn Chacon.