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Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, 28 July 2007


Shane Youman (2-2, 3.24) vs. J.D. Durbin (2-2, 5.76). Here's the box; Tad Iguchi makes his first start for the Phils. I'll be in the comments.


-P- Pat found a funny quote from Lloyd McClendon that doesn't sound much like the Lloyd McClendon we used to know and not love.

-P- You know who'd be a good pickup for the Pirates? Russ Branyan, who was just released by the Padres. He has all kinds of problems with his game - he doesn't make enough contact and he's bad in the field - but he hits homers, draws tons of walks, hits left-handed and plays third base. He has an .806 OPS and managed to post a .748 OPS this year in San Diego's offense-suppressing park, even though he failed to crack the Mendoza Line. Branyan, despite his flaws, would be a big-time upgrade on Matt Kata and Jose Castillo.

-P- In two stories you probably already heard about, Randy Johnson will miss the rest of the season and Barry Bonds is now one homer from tying Hank Aaron.