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Trade Deadline Open Thread: 31 July 2007

UPDATE 4:12 PM: If Littlefield did nothing, that's simply negligent on his part - he could have traded Chacon at the peak of his value, months before he hit free agency, in a market that was favorable to teams trading relievers. Instead, he will get nothing for him. It was also dumb to not trade Marte.

It's certainly possible that he didn't trade those players because teams wouldn't make him real offers because of his reputation, but that's also his fault. Apparently Littlefield either believes he should stand pat with yet another last-place, 42-61 team, or he is unable to make trades.

UPDATE 4:04 PM I've still got nothing. Julio Mateo has been traded to the Phillies.

UPDATE 4:00 PM: Still nothing.

UPDATE 3:56 PM: Four minutes left. We may see no movement at all, or maybe just one trade.

UPDATE 3:51 PM: Ugh, this is excruciating... I'm going to be really upset if Shawn Chacon is still on the team nine minutes from now.

UPDATE 3:40 PM: Here's confirmation on what Vlad said in the comments, which is that Morgan Ensberg has been dealt to the Padres. Still nothing from the Pirates.

UPDATE 3:28 PM: The Braves have dealt young starter Kyle Davies for Octavio Dotel.

UPDATE 2:54 PM: Rob Mackowiak has been traded to the Padres for a minor leaguer.

UPDATE 2:44 PM: Eric Gagne to the Rangers for Kason Gabbard and another player, apparently. This could be the domino that allows the Pirates to trade relievers. We'll see.

UPDATE 2:20 PM: No news yet, but the Tigers and Pirates continue to talk.

The deadline is at 4:00 PM, in about three hours. There hasn't been much more movement since the last thread - the Red Sox sent reliever Joel Pineiro, who they'd designated for assignment, to the Cardinals for a PTBNL. And the Yankees dealt reliever Scott Proctor for infielder Wilson Betemit. Decent trade for both teams - I'm not sure what Proctor's problem is (his strikeout rate is way off from his solid 2006), but he should still help a Dodger bullpen that's been a mess recently. And the Dodgers, who have some good third base options, didn't have much use for Betemit, but he's a better player than you probably realize - this year, he's been downright good, with a 116 OPS+.

As far as the Pirates are concerned: the Post-Gazette and Detroit Free Press confirm the Jack Wilson-to-Detroit rumors. The Tigers might agree to a deal that includes Wilson as well as one of the Pirates' relievers.

Really, though, the Pirates' focus right now has to be on getting rid of these relievers, especially Shawn Chacon. They shouldn't let a potential Wilson deal trip them up. They can always trade Wilson in the offseason and, in fact, it might be easier to do so, since teams will have a better idea of how they can fit Wilson into their budgets once the offseason starts. All three relievers the Bucs might trade - Chacon, Damaso Marte and Salomon Torres - are at the peak of their value now, and they'll never get another chance to trade Chacon.