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And It Keeps Coming...

Sean Burnett yanked himself out of yesterday's AAA game in Louisville, complaining of elbow pain. He had "similar discomfort" a month ago and was advised by the Pirates' doctors to take a few weeks off. Now it's back, and Burnett is making a visit to Dr. James Andrews.

I wonder if Zach Duke and Burnett have been chatting recently? Yesterday, it was reported that the Pirates' doctors advised Duke to take a few weeks off to rest his ailing elbow. Wisely, it seems, Duke sought a second opinion from Andrews to see if he needs surgery. I guess that's a better option than wasting a month of your life resting an injury that won't heal.

The Pirates' incompetence is never-ending, but at least it sometimes has an absurdist flair. If Joseph Heller were still alive, he'd find inspiration in Pittsburgh.