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Pirates 6, Brewers 3

Any time you can take three of four from the division leaders, that's a great series, even if the Brewers did gift-wrap the Tuesday game for us.

I'm doing a separate writeup about this game because there were so many nice things about it:

1) Adam LaRoche had a double and two homers, which makes him 16-for-32 since June 28, with six doubles and five homers. Now that's the guy we meant to acquire back in January. The weird thing about him today was that it wasn't as if he was killing the ball - he was hitting inside pitches that he somehow managed to turn on and golf over the wall. With most guys, they probably would've been foul balls. But hey, whatever works.

2) Freddy Sanchez made a nice play at second.

3) Jason Bay went 1-for-3 with a walk and an RBI. His hit was just a grounder through the hole, but this was still Bay's best performance since last Tuesday, when he went 1-for-3 with a walk and a double against the Marlins.

This post is supposed to be mostly positive, but I do have one thing to add here - I wonder if we held on to Bay too long. PECOTA foresaw a 36% chance of collapse for him this season - which is quite high - and it didn't even know about Bay's offseason knee surgery. He was a late bloomer, too, and guys like that don't usually tend to have long peaks.

4) Ok, I'll toss a bone to the pro-Chacon crowd. He actually did look like a good major-league reliever most of the time today, not just one who rares back and throws his fastball as hard as he can, hoping it comes in at the letters rather than at the waist. He now has 36 strikeouts against 17 walks as a reliever and, I must admit, that's good and it's probably not a complete fluke. There, I said it.