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Milwaukee vs. Pittsburgh, 5 July 2007

12:35 PM, WPGB

UPDATE: The game will start at 3:00 PM, the Post-Gazette reports.

Ben Sheets (10-3, 3.19) vs. Tom Gorzelanny (8-4, 3.05).

This should be a pretty excellent pitching matchup. Sheets had a very weird April in which he only struck out 13 batters in 30 innings, but he's since returned to normal, ringing up 28 batters in May and 40 in June.

Here's the box for this one, if it ever gets going.

I watched a ton of baseball this July 4th and caught excellent pitching performances from one guy in a Pirate uniform and another guy who should be. Allowing a three-run jack to Ryan Braun in the first inning seemed to cause Ian Snell to tighten up, and he pretty much mowed the Brewers down after that, allowing only a double to Prince Fielder and a smattering of singles. It was a gutsy performance, given that he could have assumed the game was over after allowing a three-spot at the very beginning of the game. But the Pirates' offense came through for once, with homers by Ryan Doumit - who hit the ball Playstation-hard - and Adam LaRoche to help Snell collect the victory.

Then I went to see Chris Young at PETCO. It seems like every time I go there, either he or Jake Peavy is pitching, and I never get to see anyone score. Young was just dominating, striking out nine Marlins, walking none, and leaving the game after seven with a shutout. This is his third straight start with at least nine strikeouts, and his ERA is down to 2.00. I know PETCO is an easy place to pitch, but that doesn't explain a 2.00 ERA. Dave Littlefield is going to look so bad if Young wins the Cy Young award this year - and he might, if Peavy or Brad Penny or Cole Hamels doesn't beat him to it.


-P- Marty McLeary has re-signed with the Pirates and will start for Indianapolis tomorrow. From the same article, it's uncertain whether the struggling Jason Bay will re-join the lineup today.

-P- I missed this, but Matskralc caught it and put it in the comments. Oof:

While this case might normally be written off as nothing more than a player being disgruntled and Torres must take some of the blame for not getting anything in writing, there are too many past instances of grievances being filed against the Pirates in the Littlefield era.

Freddy Sanchez, Pat Meares, Dennys Reyes and Jody Gerut filed over service time issues while on the disabled list and Matt Herges filed over being unfairly released.

Since grievance filings are not announced, there is no way of knowing how many other times this has occurred but as one agent, who asked not to be identified because he has a player under contract to the Pirates, put it: "They lead the league in grievances because they're always trying to save a buck and (mess) with their players."

Two other agents agreed with that remark, though they also asked not to be identified because of the sensitive subject nature.

Wow, is that bad.