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Bucs Dugout Suggestion Box

If you have a few minutes, I'd appreciate your opinions about Bucs Dugout. Be brutal, if you want. Here are some questions (and of course, you can answer whichever ones you like):

  1. What sorts of features would you like to see from the site?
  2. What sorts of Bucs Dugout articles do you read with great interest?
  3. What sorts of BD articles do you pass over?
  4. Do you like the organization of the posts on the site? Is it okay to read long posts that cover a variety of topics, or would you prefer that each topic get its own post?
  5. Are you interested in posts about other teams?
  6. Are you interested in coverage of the Pirates' minor league system?
  7. Are there any pertinent links you'd like me to place in the sidebar?
  8. Do you tend to prefer posts about details of individual games, or do you prefer to read about trends that occur over time?
  9. Do you generally find the writing to be clear and engaging? If not, why not?
Any other suggestions or criticisms would be appreciated as well. You can also email them to me if you don't want to post them here.

I may put your suggestions into practice and I may not - this is still mostly just a hobby for me, and it's something I fit in between bursts of other work - but I'm definitely open to them. I love writing about baseball, but sometimes it can be tough to write about this team every day, so I genuinely appreciate your help.