CJ Nitkowski Speaks!

Not sure how many of you have Insider access over at, but in Rob Neyer's diary former Pirate CJ Nitkowski (I seem to recall him being very technology literate, and I think he also has his own online blog... so I am fairly certain it is actually him.  Rob thought so too) made a scathing post against GM Dave Littlefield.

I won't copy/paste the entire thing (legalities and all), but take a look at this:

"Unfortunately Dave has a bad reputation among players as well. Before I joined their organization I had heard a lot of bad things about not being able to trust the general manager there. I am an open minded guy and always give someone the benefit of the doubt regardless of what others say about him/her.....They weren't wrong....At the end of the 2006 season I wrote Dave a letter and bullet pointed 10 things he lied to me about since I signed with the Pirates the previous off-season. I titled it "fallacious list"....I looked back at it recently and got a good a laugh, unfortunately all 10 of my points were 100% accurate, that part wasn't funny."


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