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McClatchy to Resign

Kevin McClatchy will resign as Pirates CEO at the end of the year. Wow. This is sudden, or at least the announcement is sudden. It wouldn't surprise me if this had been planned for a long time.

Who knows whether this will be any good for the team or not. Will the next CEO just be a figurehead? Will it be someone from the Nutting family? One would think that if the Nuttings were unhappy with the baseball aspects of the team, they would already have used their clout to make serious changes. Since they didn't, and since Dave Littlefield still has his job, I'm guessing this move will not actually change much. I'll be very happy to be proven wrong, though.

By the way, Pat wonders if this might have had anything to do with the protest. I doubt the protest had any large effect, but maybe it helped a little - maybe all the years of being treated like a villain have finally gotten to McClatchy. I'm sure we'll never know.