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Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh, 7 July 2007


Ted Lilly (7-4, 3.84) vs. John Van Benschoten (0-2, 4.35).

Here's the box. Xavier Nady starts in center; Ryan Doumit is in right. That's a dreadful defensive outfield, and Van Benschoten really isn't an extreme groundball guy. Oh well - at least this one should be exciting. I'll be in the comments.

Notes for today:

-P- What to make of this? The newly McClatchy-free Bob Nutting sounds noncommital about the futures of Dave Littlefield and Jim Tracy, but then adds that he is "supportive of and committed to the direction this team is headed." Hmm. My guess is that they're getting extensions. I hope I am proven wrong.

Later in the article:

...[I]n addition to a surprising trip to the Dominican Republic in May to examine why the Pirates have fared so poorly at producing Latin American talent in the past decade, some close to Nutting say he has become deeply -- albeit quietly -- engrossed in many aspects of the team's operations, asking questions and seeking accountability along the way.

We'll see what "accountability" means. If it means anything other than "Dave Littlefield and Ed Creech get fired," then clearly Nutting's friends have a different definition of the word than I do.

-P- Dr. James Andrews has confirmed that Zach Duke has elbow tendinitis and doesn't need surgery. Phew.

-P- The Twins scored 32 runs against the White Sox in a doubleheader yesterday.