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Some Reactions to the Pirates' Deadline Performance

-P- Jayson Stark:

The Pirates called. And wanted Matt Morris. His 7.94 ERA since mid-June? Not a problem. That $9.5 million he's owed next year (not counting his $1 million 2009 buyout)? Not a problem. And so they swooped in and finished off a deal for Morris minutes before the deadline... [with] absolutely zero money changing hands. Well, it didn't take long. For the next two hours, after people around baseball learned of this deal, they couldn't stop calling, e-mailing and texting reactions that could probably be summed up with three succinct words: WHAT THE BX!GRZFDQ!!!!! Don't get us wrong here. We love Matt Morris. Terrific guy. Has had a wonderful career. Should be a fine mentor to those young Pirates starters. But the Giants were just about begging teams to take Morris and offering to chomp big chunks of his money if they had to. Then this team going nowhere dropped out of the sky and took the man and the money. What a country. "That move," said one incredulous front-office man, "is so far out of left field, it's in the Monongahela."

-P- The deal has spawned a discussion at Primer featuring lists of bizarre hypothetical trades that might - might - be more nonsensical than this one.

-P- I love this one:

Littlefield explained that he did not feel compelled to trade pitchers because all except Chacon, who can be a free agent this offseason, have their rights owned by the team through 2009.

"The important thing is that people are interested in our players," Littlefield said.

No, you dumb piece of (*@#$%, the important thing is that you get something for players you have to let go at the end of the season! What could he have been thinking in not trading Chacon?