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San Francisco vs. Pittsburgh Doubleheader, 13 August 2007

5:05 PM, WPGB

Matt Cain vs. Paul Maholm in the first game, Noah Lowry and Shane Youman in the second.

Note the weird start time for this one. Barry Bonds may or may not play, the Post-Gazette reports.

-P- The Trib suggests that the PTBNL in the Matt Morris deal could be Josh Sharpless or Jonah Bayliss. It wouldn't bother me to lose either of them.

-P- The deadline for draft picks to sign is approaching, and most of the top picks still haven't signed. Many of them will, but lots of teams must be concerned right now. (Pirates top pick Daniel Moskos is already signed; it would've been convenient if he'd held out so that the Pirates could take another shot with a top pick next year.)

-P- Magglio Ordonez hit two homers in one inning yesterday, becoming only the second Tiger to do that. Al Kaline did it in 1955.