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Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, 17 August 2007

7:05 PM, WPGB

J.D. Durbin vs. Tom Gorzelanny.

A couple notes:

-P- Andrew McCutchen, Neil Walker and Dave Davidson have all been promoted to Class AAA. You've got to read the statistics in a pretty selective way to argue that any of them deserve promotions - McCutchen only started hitting in July, is having his first really good month in August, and has been a huge disappointment overall; Walker hasn't hit since the All-Star break; and Davidson has a fine strikeout rate but has walked far too many batters. But hey, feel-good story, right?

-P- Jack Wilson has cleared waivers, so he can be traded. Based on my completely underinformed reading of these events, though, that seems unlikely. The original trade was rumored to be Wilson for Jair Jurrjens and another prospect, with the Tigers taking on all of Wilson's salary. Since the trading deadline, though, Jurrjens has been promoted to the majors, which means he'd have to clear waivers to be traded, and as a 21-year-old with some upside, he wouldn't be able to clear waivers. So it appears the Tigers were ready to look in another direction. Also, Wilson just cleared waivers, which means no team wanted to take on his contract - why would Detroit then be willing to take on his contract and give the Pirates prospects? If this trade does happen, the haul for the Pirates will probably be a disappointment compared to the trade that was originally reported.

-P- Steve Pearce had six RBIs yesterday against Durham.

-P- The Cards completed a sweep of the Brewers and the Cubs also won yesterday, thus bringing the Cubs to within a half game, and the Cards to within two and a half games, of the NL Central lead.