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Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, 19 August 2007

1:35, FSNP, WPGB

Kyle Lohse vs. Ian Snell.

Today's notes:

-P- Lots of interesting stuff in the Post-Gazette's Inside the Pirates feature today, including specific confirmation that the Pirates were indeed offered Ryan Howard for Kris Benson. Oops!!! Also, the article mentions the "designated for assignment" story that has been discussed here a couple times.

There's also a mention of second-round pick Duke Welker, who's having a better year than Daniel Moskos. Unfortunately, the real story here isn't Welker - 21-year-olds picked in the second round should beat up on the NY-Penn League - but Moskos, who not only isn't pitching well, he's in the NY-Penn League, which is just one step above the lowest rookie level. One of the rationalizations for picking Moskos is that he would move quickly and be in the majors soon. If that's the case, what is he doing pitching for State College in the first place? If that's the real reason for taking him fourth overall, he should be at High-A, at the very least.

-P- The White Sox signed Jermaine Dye to a two-year, $22 million extension that includes a mutual option for 2010. Normally I wouldn't approve of deals like this - Dye has a long injury history, is well into his 30s, and is not having a good year (he has 24 homers but a .306 OBP). But the White Sox know more about this situation than I do, and Dye hit 44 homers in 2006 and is known to keep himself in good shape. If he bounces back, he'll be a bargain.