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A Couple of Links

Sorry, everyone, for the sporadic updates. I was traveling all day yesterday from Germany back to West Virginia, and now I'm at my parents' house, where there's no internet. If you send me an email and I don't respond, or I don't see something you've written to me in the comments, I apologize and I will get to it in a few days.

In the meantime:

-P- In incredibly shocking news, 2007 second round pick Duke Welker has been shut down for the season.

-P- After losing Damian Easley with an ankle sprain, the Mets acquired Jeff Conine from Cincinnati for minor league SS Jose Castro and OF Sean Henry. Great deal for the Reds - Castro and Henry are both actually prospects, and both will probably start out at Class AA even though Castro's baseball age is only 20 and Henry's in only 21. Conine, meanwhile, had a .614 OPS on the road this year. He probably won't help the Mets, and he certainly wasn't helping the Reds much.

-P- A couple months ago, wrote and asked who I thought the Pirates' "Face of the Franchise" was. My answer will be published here tomorrow. Any guesses who I picked?

The game thread for tonight is below. Thanks to Sam for helping out.