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Fun Facts

-P- The Pirates are currently 12th in the National League in OPS, which is so high for them it almost makes me feel giddy. Well, not really, but it does feel strange to suddenly have an offense that's suddenly big-league caliber. The Pirates have a .731 season OPS, which got me excited until I compared it to other teams. In that context, it's not very exciting, but compared to the .703 OPS the Bucs had before the break, it's like Paris in the springtime or something.

-P- With 12 doubles in August and 37 for the season, it suddenly seems possible (still unlikely, but possible) that Freddy Sanchez could match his last year's remarkable total of 53 doubles.

-P- Jack Wilson is in the midst of the second-best offensive season of his career. Not by much, and "the second-best offensive season of Jack Wilson's career" is kind of like "the second-best jetskiier in Saskatchewan," but whatever.

-P- Matt Morris has a .583 slugging percentage since joining the team.


-P- As good as Cesar Izturis looks in the field, he and his .579 OPS will simply kill a team if he's allowed to play every day. He's like adding an even worse Ronny Paulino to the lineup. If the Pirates pick up his option next year, be very, very afraid. Ok, that fact wasn't so fun.

-P- B.P. Chacon has a 5.79 ERA and a 1.64 WHIP this month. It looks like Bones may yet win that bet.