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Pittsburgh vs. Arizona, 9 August 2007


Ian Snell (7-10, 3.91) vs. Doug Davis (8-10, 3.88).

Fun fact: This game starts at 3:40 AM where I am.

Here's an article that caught my eye today:

[Giants GM Brian] Sabean answered every question, ventured into many sensitive areas on his own and repeatedly admitted mistakes.

"This is my livelihood and my life," he said. "This is my passion, other than my family. I don't take vacations. I don't play golf. I do this 24/7 and I'm able to do it in a setting that I love.
"And I'm really taking it personally and embarrassed that we're not better than this. And I've got nobody to blame but ourselves and myself specifically.

"I take it very personally. I've let the whole organization down."

..."I understand every reason a season-ticket holder would want me out of here and a new baseball administration (hired)," Sabean said.

Well, Sabean should feel guilty about the stupid things he's done, but kudos for him for having the guts to take the blame. Think we'll ever hear anything like that from Dave Littlefield or Jim Tracy? Ever?

-P- Russ Branyan signed with the Indians earlier this week, then was traded to the Phillies for cash. This is a drag because, as I've said before, the Pirates could have used Branyan. The Pirates, as a team, have a .708 OPS this year, and their pinch hitters have a .608 OPS; Branyan's OPS is .748 despite playing half his games in San Diego. He's also a lefty.