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Pittsburgh vs. Arizona, 9 August 2007 (Continued)

So I know that Charlie already posted, but I had already finished once I noticed. Ah, well...

9:40 pm EDT


Ian Snell (7-10, 3.91) vs. Doug Davis (8-10, 3.88)

Despite a strong start to the 2007 season, Ian Snell's post all star break performances have  In that span, Snell's opponents have feasted on him, batting a lofty .355 and contributing to Snell's 1.85 WHIP.  Even though these horrid number speak (nay, scream) for themselves, I feel morally obligated to point out that Shawn Chacon's opponents are batting .265 since the break.  Need I say more?

Still, Snell has enjoyed great success in his two career starts against Arizona (wow, I am really reaching now!), posting a 2-0 record and 2.84 ERA. Here's to hoping that he can turn it around in the rubber match to this three game-series as the Pirates search for the twenty game winning streak that they need to get back to .500.