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Link Roundup: Pearce Hot, Boomer May be Done

-P- Ian Snell is mad.

-P- I don't have time for a full minor-league report right now, but it's worth pointing out that Steve Pearce has a 1.099 OPS since being promoted to Indianapolis. Nothing can stop this guy. The article above also notes that he played a bit of right field last night, which gives you some idea of how the Pirates might use him.

-P- As some of you noticed in the comments to the last thread, Hardball Times has an article on how to fix the Pirates.

-P- If he doesn't retire, the Padres will designate 44-year-old David Wells for assignment. One thing I don't understand:

"We kind of laid out some options for him," [Padres GM Kevin] Towers told The Associated Press by phone. "If he still wanted to play, we'll designate him for assignment and see if other clubs have interest, or if he wants to hang them up, he can retire. We're waiting for him to get back to us."

Presumably, Towers gave Wells these options so that Wells could retire with dignity if he wanted - why make them public?