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Clay Buchholz Throws No-Hitter in Second Major League Start

Wow. Just after arriving from Class AAA Pawtucket, 23-year-old Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz no-hit the Orioles, who've had two history-making losses in less than a month. (The first was that 30-3 debacle against the Rangers.) Buchholz struck out nine and walked three, and the Sox won 10-0. The last time a pitcher threw a no-hitter in his first or second big-league start was 1991, when Wilson Alvarez did it.

It could be really fun to watch Buchholz go head-to-head against Philip Hughes and Joba Chamberlain in the next five years or so. I hadn't realized until looking just now how good a prospect Buchholz really is. He's struck out 171 batters in 125.1 innings between Classes AA and AAA this year.