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Link Roundup: Coonelly's In, Terry Ryan's Out

-P- It's official (for real this time): Frank Coonelly will be the Pirates' next CEO.

-P- Terry Ryan is out as the Twins' GM; he'll be replaced by assistant GM Bill Smith. Assessing Ryan's tenure is difficult, because the Twins' success has probably had more to do with the weakness of the AL Central (though it's obviously not weak anymore) and the constant stream of great talent coming through the Twins' minor league system than with moves Ryan made at the big-league level. In fact, Ryan often made things tough on himself by relying on dubious vets (Tony Batista, Carlos Silva, Rondell White) and no-stick infielders (Nick Punto, Juan Castro). He also waited way too long to call up Justin Morneau and to put Johan Santana in the rotation.

Still, though, Ryan traded for Santana as a Rule 5 pick in 1999, and he pulled off one of the greatest trades in the past decade by dealing A.J. Pierzynski for Francisco Liriano, Joe Nathan and Boof Bonser. And his record - four division titles in the last six years, with a tiny payroll - is undeniable.