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Ringolsby and Heyman: Antonetti is Leading Candidate for GM Job

I missed this, from FOX Sports' Tracy Ringolsby, when it came out yesterday:

With Frank Coonelly ready to move out of the role of chief labor counsel for Major League Baseball and become the CEO of the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Pirates are ready to take the next step and hire a general manager, replacing Dave Littlefield, fired last week after a dismal six-year term in charge of a franchise headed for its 15th consecutive losing season.

The name to watch for: Chris Antonetti, assistant general manager of the Cleveland Indians. He has worked closely with Coonelly over the years in his role as an assistant to Indians GM Mark Shapiro. Antonetti is a key figure in contract negotiations.

SI's Jon Heyman, who may just be echoing Ringolsby:

Chris Antonetti, Indians assistant GM. A favorite for Pirates job after helping build a winner in Cleveland.

I'd be thrilled with Antonetti as our GM. Here's Vlad's writeup on Antonetti, in case you missed it.