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Pittsburgh vs. Houston, 14 September 2007


Ian Snell (9-12, 4.00) vs. Roy Oswalt (14-7, 3.41). Here's the box.

Relative to yesterday, at least, today's a slow news day. The big news is that Jays director of player personnel Tony LaCava and Mets assistant GM Tony Bernazard have interviewed for the Pirates' GM job. Chris Antonetti has declined to be interviewed, unfortunately. You've already heard about LaCava, but Bernazard is a new name, at least for me. I don't know what his approach is, but he might be able to improve the Pirates' reputation among players and agents. One agent recently said that he was glad to have Dave Littlefield out of his Rolodex; Bernazard doesn't sound like the kind of guy you say that about. However, he did really annoy Carlos Delgado when Delgado was considering coming to the Mets, so who knows.