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Pittsburgh vs. Houston, 16 September 2007

2:05 PM, FSH

Paul Maholm (10-14, 4.32) vs. Brandon Backe (0-1, 5.91).

If the Pirates played the Astros everyday, they might have a solid record this year.  Unfortunately, we play other teams as well.  After blowing a five run lead last night to the struggling Stros, the Bucos will look to bounce back and win for the 11th time out of the 15 meetings between these two baseball juggernauts.  This will be our last opportunity to face the Astros this season, so savor this one, folks!

Though it hurts me to even point this out, this game is actually sort of important for us.  With the goal of a decent season far out of reach, the Pirates can at least hope to best the Astros in the division standings for the first time in the team's history...