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Pittsburgh vs. San Diego, 18 September 2007

10:05 PM, FSNP, WPGB

Tom Gorzelanny (14-7, 3.45) vs. Greg Maddux 12-10, 3.91). Here's the box; Brian Giles gets the day off against the lefty.

There are a bunch of games to pay attention to while you wait for this one to start:

-P- Houston leads Milwaukee 1-0. I'm pulling hard for the Brewers to regain the NL Central lead.

-P- The Reds lead Carlos Zambrano and the Cubs, 3-0.

-P- Cole Hamels and the charging Phillies lead St. Louis 1-0. St. Louis has faded way out of the picture just as the Phillies have re-entered it.

-P- The Diamondbacks face off against the Giants starting at 9:40.

-P- In the American League, the Tigers and Indians are tied 4-4. Detroit is three and a half games back of New York for the wild-card spot.

-P- The Yankees, meanwhile, are destroying Baltimore 6-0.

Here's BP's playoff odds report.