Carlos Guillen Holds Forth on Jack

The Tigers' shortstop is thinking about the future.

"If they're going to get a shortstop, it had better be a Gold Glove," Guillen said before the Tigers lost 7-4 to Cleveland and moved closer to their offseason. "I don't have a problem with first base, but if you bring in a shortstop, it has to be a really good shortstop.

"It had better be the best shortstop in the big leagues."

Who could that be? Guillen mentioned a few names (Edgar Renteria, Omar Vizquel, Orlando Cabrera), and he pointedly didn't mention Jack Wilson, the Pittsburgh shortstop the Tigers tried to trade for on July 31. He later talked about shortstops who "hit make $7 million and hit .250," an obvious reference to Wilson. -Michigan Live/Booth Newspapers

He also had another idea about a possible solution:

"I heard a lot of rumors about Jack Wilson," Guillen said, referring to the Pittsburgh shortstop. "I don't know what his numbers are. He didn't win a Gold Glove."

If not Wilson, whom would Guillen endorse?

"Cesar Izturis," Guillen said of the Pirates' other shortstop, who will become a free agent this off-season if Pittsburgh declines a club option. "Omar Vizquel. He's got 11 Gold Gloves." -The Detroit Free Press

Guillen's responses are understandable, human... and pretty significantly misguided, if he thinks that Cesar Izturis is the Tigers' solution to anything. It must be galling to him to have the team try and shove him out of the way when he's carrying the offense with a .857 OPS. To preserve his ego, he needs for his replacement to have a reputation as a defensive god, even if that reputation isn't based on actual merit.

It's an interesting situation, and also a good illustration of why you should let the players play, and leave the front office work to the GM.

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