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I Hope Bob Nutting is Paying Attention


Year Record Average Attendance MLB Rank
2003 68-94 20,992 25
2004 67-94 25,461 20
2007 69-67 35,326 12


Year Record Average Attendance MLB Rank
2003 75-87 20,983 26
2004 72-89 21,107 27
2007 59-77 22,381 27

I've written about this before, but it bears repeating. The Brewers drew about 110,000 fans in this series, and it wasn't because the Pirates were in town, that's for sure.

Note, especially, the similarities between the Pirates and Brewers in 2003, and the differences now. I put some caveats in my earlier article about this, but the message is pretty clear - win, and people will come. Put the team in the hunt for the playoffs - a real hunt, not a wink-wink, stranger-things-have-happened, cage-raised-quail hunt - and the fans will show up. You won't even have to shell out for bobbleheads.