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Perrotto: GM Search Isn't Over

John Perrotto now reports that after he broke the story that the Bucs were picking Neal Huntington to be their GM, they changed their minds:

Multiple baseball sources said Sunday morning that Huntington, a special assistant to the GM with the Cleveland Indians, may no longer get the job. The Pirates, who have had a blanket policy of not commenting directly about the GM search, are said to be very upset that the matter became public.

Furthermore, there are indications Coonelly has received negative feedback from various officials within the game for his decision to hire Huntington, who has lost much of his power in the Cleveland system in recent years and now primarily does advance scouting work for the Indians.

Perrotto isn't an incredibly reliable source, so the twists and turns in this story may say more about him than about the Pirates. But if what he's reporting is true, it doesn't speak very well of the Pirates' new management - really, they need people from outside the organization to tell them whether or not their GM pick is good?