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Link Roundup: Feliz Seeks Long-Term Deal

-P- Pedro Feliz wants a multi-year contract:

With all due respect, if Pedro Feliz returns to the Giants in 2008, he'd like a multiyear contract. Feliz was a free agent for the first time last winter and preferred a one-year deal, hoping to have a better season at the plate to raise his market value.

"I'd be happy to be back," Feliz said. "If I can work that out, it wouldn't be for one (year). ... Who wouldn't" want multiple years?

In a sane baseball world, Feliz would have to pound the pavement for a minor-league deal. He's a terrible hitter with little to recommend him except a bit of all-or nothing power. He has absolutely no grasp of the strike zone, he's 32 and he's had an OBP above .300 exactly once in his career. His OBP's the last three years have been .295, .281, and .287. I wouldn't be shocked if someone gave him the multiyear deal he wants, though - I'm sure Wayne Krivsky would look at Feliz and see something he likes.

-P- This story about Alex Rodriguez's contract is probably just hot air, but it's a preview of what could be a pretty interesting offseason.

-P- The A's picked up the options of manager Bob Geren and second baseman Mark Ellis. Ellis' is effectively for $4.75 million, which is a reasonable for a good fielder and league-average hitter. The A's might not have picked up this option if prospect Kevin Melillo had stepped up this year, but he put up a mediocre .797 OPS in Class AAA Sacramento and, at 25, looks destined for the bench.

-P- These two "dispelling myths" posts at the Mariners blog Lookout Landing are provocative, if nothing else.